Windows 8 – Whither Backup and Restore?

After setting up Windows 8, I of course wanted to set up a backup. Under Windows 7, I used the built-in Windows Backup and Restore feature, so I promptly went to the Windows 8 Start screen and typed ‘backup’ and got two results under Settings:



OK, so “File History”. Let’s try that.



This doesn’t seem to allow the granular backup options that Backup and Restore had under Windows 7. Even the “Advanced settings” is somewhat dumbed down:



I was disappointed. So going back to the Start screen and searching ‘file’, I discovered Windows 7 File Recovery!



After running it, I found I had exactly what I was looking for:



So What Does All This Mean?

It looks as though Microsoft are moving to a simpler form of backup and recovery. My fear here is that so-called “power users” will lose the ability to perform a more detailed backup of their system.

For example, my backup settings look like this, based on having two partitions:



I do not seem to be able to setup such a backup scenario using the Windows 8 File History tool.


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